System of the Month

Every month the team at AVIQ combines their over 100 years experience to highlight a combination of components that meet a particular set of needs.
Some months the criteria is value for the money.(Bang for the Buck!) We carry complete plug and play systems for under $1000.
Some months we will feature OMG , you have to hear THIS ONE featuring equipment that is truly State Of The ART.
Some months we might highlight newly released technology that can enhance the quality of your current set-up.
System of the Month will be available for audition throughout that month along with a set of specially priced accessories that take up a notch (OR TWO).
So put us on your calendar… whether you are currently shopping, pricing for a future purchase or just like keeping up with the latest toys. Our staff is always ready to answer questions, swap stories and opinions OR just provide a comfortable seat and let you enjoy the amazing sound available from today’s audio devices.
Financing options are available.

The movie theater experience from the comfort of your home. This month’s system is the Theory Audio Design Surround Sound System 5.2.2-15 2.

Description: 5.2 Surround Sound System
5 x sb25 On-Wall Loudspeakers with Dual 12″ subwoofers

System Components:

Loudspeaker Controller: 1 x ALC-1809

Loudspeakers: 5 x sb25

Subwoofer(s): 2 x sub12
PRICE : $10,250

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