What We Do

Custom Integrations

At AVIQ we know how individual experiences are. Every project is customized to and for you. Whether you are looking for the perfect sound, the right home cinema, or automating your life and  home, we endeavor to design spaces that give you life.



Design and assembly of converged infrastructure projects by certified professionals.


A complete suite of products and services for all types and sizes of residences.

Intelligent Automation

Dependable operation and intuitive interfaces are designed into every system.

Music Systems

The appreciation of fine audio equipment is what brought our team together from the beginning.


“The specialty of the house!”

Video/Cinema Systems

From design to calibration, we offer a turn key solution for commercial and residential needs.

About Us

We are a diverse group of individuals. We are music nuts, gear heads, and nerds, flip phones and headphones, vinyl addicts, and streamers. We own tube amps and music servers. 

What unifies us is the common goal of sharing our passion with the community. We know that listening to music is good for you. Seriously, it is a healthy activity. 

So, come see us, it is good for you!