A home that provides peace of mind requires technology that is robust and consistently dependable. Intelligent automation allows us to help you find solutions that work from “Good Morning” to “Goodnight” for your family.

We are excited to announce, we are the only Control4 Certified Showroom in North Alabama! Come C4Yourself!


Intelligent Automation

From simple to sophisticated, we offer a variety of control options for home technology. Energy efficiency, heightened security, and improved quality of life are all attainable through the automation of home systems. Intuitive and user friendly control is out main priority in designing a system that meets your needs.

By placing priority on intuitive and easy to use control devices, we enable you to implement a total package that meets performance goals and enhances your lifestyle.

Multi Room Audio

Enjoy premium, high- resolution music in one room or throughout your home. Hear true detail, timbre, and texture for a more emotionally engaging listening experience.

Lighting Systems

Properly designed and installed, centralized lighting systems provide an elegant experience. (And eliminate “wall acne”)

Multicolored LED’s that provide quick status, exterior lighting for increased security and motion controlled pathways are just a few of the many benefits.


Modern shading systems can provide beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency both inside and outside your home. In-store demonstrations and a wide selection of fabrics and cotrol options create a one-stop shopping solution for this critical design element.

Wireless Networks

The backbone of the modern home, an “Enterprise- grade” network enables entertainment and automation options to operate consistently. With a priority on privacy, we can help you implement a system that is dependable, expandable, and secure.

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